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SIMULTRAIN® Strategic Management

Put yourself in the role of a manager who is in charge of
a portfolio of projects and who makes strategic decisions.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management is an online, strategic, serious game, which allows learners to rapidly acquire core competencies and experience in the management of multiple projects and their reinforce leadership skills.

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SimulTrain® Strategic Management   Features

Project List

  • Shows the list of available, in-progress, and cancelled projects.
  • Allows for the prioritization of the projects.
  • Displays teams working on the projects.


  • Highlights the objectives of the 5-year portfolio of projects.
  • Shows the contribution of the projects to the strategic objectives.
  • Presents time of the project execution.

Resources Chart

  • Shows teams, their leaders, and occupation in five years.
  • Displays the start and the end of the projects.
  • Demonstrates the size of teams and their availability.

Strategic Management Charts

  • Visualise major parameters of the projects.
  • Allow to choose the projects.
  • Indicate the Strategic Value.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management   Description

What is it about?

The simulation puts you instantly in the role of a project portfolio manager. You make vital decisions, prioritize and optimize the portfolio of projects, guarantee the high return-on-investment, and react to fast-changing situations, risks, and opportunities.

In a realistic and fast-paced environment, the strategic management simulator SimulTrain® Strategic Management allows trainees to acquire technical and leadership experience, with the following aims:

  • To understand the restrictions / bottleneck / scarcity of project finances, resources, and time;
  • To be capable of balancing / prioritizing the performance indicators such as strategic benefit points, risk indicator, NPV, cash balance, payback period, and investment ;
  • To implement changes in the ongoing projects;
  • To react to risks and opportunities;
  • To acquire the soft skills to lead teams / organizations successfully.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management is the continuation of the best-in-class project management simulator SimulTrain®, which has contributed to the training of more than 200,000 project managers.

Target groups

  • Portfolio managers, senior managers, business developers, and analysts reinforce their experience with the help of an experienced trainer.
  • Project managers get acquainted with the main challenges of their management.
  • Students of business schools get their first experience managing multiple projects, portfolio, and companies.
  • All trainees who want to expand the project management experience they gained from SimulTrain®.


  • Basic knowledge of project management.
  • Basic knowledge of project financial indicators, such as NPV, payback period, and cash balance.

Learning objectives

At the end of the simulation, the trainees are able to:
  • Be analytical in their choice of projects and priorities for a company;
  • Plan, balance, and optimize human and financial resources;
  • Use main project and strategic management indicators;
  • Monitor and control the progress of projects;
  • React to fast-changing situations, risks, and opportunities;
  • Make decisions in groups, including in stressful situations.


  • Project portfolio planning
  • Projects selection
  • Resource allocation
  • Project portfolio execution
  • Decision making
  • Execution controlling
  • Reporting

The simulation SimulTrain® Strategic Management is primarily used in classrooms by several teams of between three and four trainees with an experienced trainer.

A team of three to four trainees plays the role of a portfolio manager. They have to plan and execute a typical five-year portfolio of up to 20 projects. They immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they track the evolution of the cash balance, the schedule, the strategic benefits indicators, and resource use.

Using SimulTrain® Strategic Management, trainees make all the mistakes while planning and executing a project portfolio and learn from these mistakes.

Thanks to its wealth of multimedia interactions, SimulTrain® Strategic Management creates a realistic and stressful environment – just as in real life. Therefore, trainees experience the joy of competition, stress, and working under pressure.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management is also an ideal tool for team building and getting leadership experience.


SimulTrain® Strategic Management is run online on a computer with a large screen.


The simulation lasts between two and four hours, including the phases of planning, execution, and debriefing.

SimulTrain® Strategic Management   Resources


Portfolio Description

A short description of the main objectives, teams, and projects. Download PDF file: English German French Russian Spanish

User Guide

Explaining the main features and advantages of Simultrain® Strategic Management from the user point of view. Download PDF

General Info

Simultrain® Strategic Management short description for training organizers and HR officers. Download PDF

Trainer Desk

Discover the Trainer Desk and manage multiple sessions at the same time. From initialisation to monitoring, this video shows it all. Download PDF